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Acorn to an Oak Harry Davis

Acorn to an Oak

Harry Davis

Published September 22nd 2014
ISBN : 9781490852669
118 pages
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 About the Book 

1 Corinthians 10:1-13 Having escaped the bondage of sin and set free for the promised land, we are traveling to the river of death and pass over into a way that we have never traveled before. God is leading the way with the assurance of victory based upon obedience. The failure of the Church to fight the enemy and allow corruption to exist has kept the Church from possessing all that God has allotted to it. Just like Israel, the Church is surrounded by a host of enemies that is seeking to destroy it. Compromise has caused defeat by deception, but God will not let that happen to the Church or Israel. We, as well as Israel, shall be victorious. We are to stand fast in the liberty with which Christ has set us free, and not be entangled with the world. This book addresses these victories and failures, and ours as well, so that the lessons learned can be applied to insure further victories.